As a destination wedding photographer I can cover weddings anywhere around the globe. I have photographed a great number of events and have been incredibly lucky to meet and work with such amazing people. I am based in Australia and Europe every year. My passion not only gives me the opportunity to connect with people around the world and share unforgettable moments.

While I do want my work to speak for itself, I thought I would write a brief description of who I am and why it is I do what I do. My passion for photography started from a young age. Endowed with the travel bug, I have explored and lived in many countries throughout the world, meeting a great number of amazing people along the way. Inspired by the ability to capture a moment in time, I carried a camera wherever I went, whether it be my DLSR, my film camera or simply my phone.

Today, I use my passion to build on my career as an international photographer. My international photography services includes features for professional clients, images of engagements and couples, and documentary style candid photography. I give my all to each project, and work closely with each client to ensure they can enjoy their moment without hesitation.